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Players describe how Greg Robinson has helped turn the defense around

After Texas' loss to BYU, Manny Diaz was deemed one of the first major college coaching casualties of the 2013 season, and Mack Brown brought in Greg Robinson to get things turned around on the defensive side of the ball.

No one can argue with the strides that the defense has made under Robinson, and no where is it illustrated better than on third down. Four games into the year, opponents were converting on nearly 50% of third down conversions. Since Robinson has taken over, that conversion percentage has dropped to just over 20% in the past two games (see schedule below... the Longhorns will be facing much better offenses in the coming weeks).

Here in this video from the Longhorn Network, players explain what Robinson has brought to the defensive side of the ball, starting with a newfound a confidence in the defensive scheme.

Stepping in to a new role part way through the season and getting the team to buy in to a new defensive outlook has some huge challenges for any coordinator, let alone at Texas, but it looks like the players have really bought into Robinson's scheme, and it has showed on Saturday afternoons.

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