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N.C. State's new midfield logo looks awfully familiar

Take a look at the midfield logo N.C. State will debut Saturday against North Carolina.

NC State midfield2

Pretty sharp, right?

If you're a regular reader of this site, you'll remember back in September when we ranked the top 10 field designs in college football. On the strength of its bold, unique midfield logo, I ranked East Carolina at No. 2.

Let's take a look.


In N.C. State's defense, it's not like East Carolina has a copyright on the North Carolina state silhouette. It's certainly understandable why any school other than the one in Chapel Hill would try to stake its claim as the top football flagship in a state with five (soon to be six) FBS programs. And it's not like the Pirates were the first team to think of that idea in the first place.

ChapelHill 1

But, still. That midfield logo is East Carolina's thing, and check the comments from our original ranking for evidence. As for official comment from Greenville? 

Said East Carolina spokesman Tom McClellan to the Raleigh News and Observer: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” 

Author: Zach Barnett
Zach Barnett is a native of Denton, Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas. He joined FootballScoop in 2012 after two years at the National Football Foundation. His hobbies include watching college football, reading about college football and writing about college football.