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Spewing off stat after stat in an email or near the signature line of your email isn't demanding the attention of recruits. You're going to command their attention by finding a creative way to get that same information condensed into an something more appealing to the eye, like an infographic.

Last week we highlighted how the guys at Vandy highlighted James Franklin's accomplishments using this method, and then Pat Narduzzi tweeted this earlier in the week.

All the information is there, and it's not only easy to read, it's also easy on the eyes.

When it comes to recruiting, knowing your audience is paramount. Glancing at an infographic to pick up a few impressive stats is much more appealing to a high school kid than reading line after line of those same stats. Plus your fan base will appreciate it too, and it's much easier to spread.


Author: Doug Samuels
Doug Samuels has been with FootballScoop since 2011. Samuels joined the FootballScoop staff after serving as a college scout as well as an assistant coach at the college level, where he was fortunate enough to have coached every offensive position by age 24. Samuels is a lifelong Michigan State fan, no huddle enthusiast, and currently coaches high school football in West Michigan.