Video: 'You will be the ones'

Very well done video here from the guys at Michigan State in anticipation of their match up with in state rival Michigan on Saturday.

The clip highlights the history in East Lansing, and the narration (and its content) is enough to give you chills.

The Spartans haven't been known for churning out videos like this in the past, but the chills that it's sure to give a lot of people watching it should be reason enough to keep videos like this coming.

Here's a small piece of what makes it so good. At the conclusion of the clip, it reminds the Spartan players; "So when you run out on to that field, remember to play for those who came out of the tunnel before you. Play for those who kept on building the Spartan legacy, and do everything within your power to add to it."

"Because this is your time. Leave your legacy and blood, sweat and tears. Chase victory and chase what will make you a legend. Play for every inch, for every name. Play to be the ones that are remembered."

Very well done from top to bottom.

Spartan Football 2013 - You Will Be The Ones from Spartan Video on Vimeo.


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