Cemetery in Death Valley

The tradition of having a cemetery to commemorate big wins for a football program goes way back, and Clemson's Dabo Swinney has carried on that tradition in Death Valley, adding two head stones to the collection this season.

As the story goes, in 1989 Danny Ford took Clemson to TallahasseeĀ and avenged a loss in '88 to Florida State and decided to take a piece of sod back to Death Valley with him to commemorate the win. That piece of sod is said to be the first (and only) peice of dirt to be buried underneath a headstone that inscribes the game, date, score, and ranking of the opponent that the Tigers beat. The headstone tradition continues on to this day.

The home of the historic head stones in Woodland cemetery is located behind the renovated south upper deck, which now conceals it from view inside Memorial Stadium.Ā 

Take a look below at the video of Dabo briefly highlighting the grave stone tradition in Death Valley. Got to love college football traditions.

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