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There's a massive game at Clemson on Saturday night and, as they are known to do, ESPN has descended upon Death Valley to squeeze every ounce of hype they possibly can about the game. (In case they haven't already told you, GameDay will be at Clemson on Saturday morning and ABC's Saturday Night Football will show the game that night.)

In this case, it means sending Shannon Spake to Dabo Swinney's office to talk about the game, his office, the game, Jameis Winston, and the game again. As you might expect when two people who don't know each other stand in front of a camera and force a conversation, it's pretty awkward. 

But the video is worth it for the belt that Dabo shows off. It was awarded to Clemson for winning the Chick-fil-A Bowl pre-bowl activities throughout the week.

Honestly, it looks like something that was stolen straight from Flavor Flav's closet. 

Further proof that Dabo would fit in on stage at a Public Enemy concert:

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 5.08.34 PM

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