Coach rips his team after practice. Watch how this plays out this weekend

Trying to prepare for a tough South Carolina team yesterday, Mark Stoops came off the field practice field very displeased with the effort and attitude of his team. With two top 15 teams in the next two weeks (they play Alabama next weekend), and just a handful of practices to prepare for each one, Stoops knows that they can't afford to waste days like they did yesterday.

"Very unacceptable practice today, just very frustrating. Preparation wasn't good enough, effort wasn't good enough, attitude wasn't good enough, so not good...I'm very frustrated." Stoops said as soon as stepping to the podium.

"We had some guys looking for a rock to hide under. So it's going to be a very difficult and tough game and I don't know if we're ready for it."

Taking over a team that won just two games last year, it's a given that time is needed to change the mindset of some of the guys on the roster. But the bottom line is that Stoops isn't seeing the consistent attitude needed to get things turned around. 

"It's always 'I just missed it', or 'I should have made that play', 'I blew that assignment', it's finger pointing...a losing attitude. Looking to hide." he explained.

Stoops added that part of the problem is that his guys just don't fully understand what it takes to be successful, and notes that South Carolina has had two hall of fame coaches over the past 14 years. So, in his words, "they've been doing things right for at least 14 years". Changing the attitude and teaching players how to be successful is a constant process when you're trying to turn things around.

"You can tell when guys are looking for a place to hide. There's no way around it, this is a brutal game, a brutal schedule, and we're right in the middle of it. You can't run from it. If we go and give it everything we got and prepare everyday to win, and to play, then I can live with the results, but this wasn't part of our journey today."

Hear more from coach Stoops below, and catch their game on Saturday at 7:30 against South Carolina (ESPN3) to see how this one shakes out.

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