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The 70,000 or so spectators at Michigan State's Spartan Stadium had a collective question mark rise above their heads Saturday as a plane left a "Go Blue" skywriting inscription in the blue East Lansing sky.

Confirmation has now been provided that this was indeed paid for by the University of Michigan's athletics department. Not a rogue booster or two, but the athletics department. According to a school spokesman, the $3,000-$5,000 invoice covered multiple skywritings throughout southeast Michigan, and that the message left within eyesight of Spartan Stadium was just a coincidence.

"We hired the skywriters to canvas southeast Michigan with slogans and numbers prior to our game last Saturday," Michigan spokesman Dave Ablauf told MLive.com. "There were no locations targeted."

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I have a few questions.

First, is this a regular thing?

Why is the state's flagship school taking to such a...unique advertising campaign?

If not, why are you wasting it on a day you play Akron? 

If this wasn't a coincidence (and I have a hard time believing it was) why use it on a day when Sparty hosts Youngstown State? 

Would the weather make waiting until your own trip to East Lansing on November 2 too risky?

Anyway, here's what the green and white faithful saw in the sky on Saturday afternoon. 

Blue Go Blue

(Photo credit MLive.com.)

Author: Zach Barnett
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