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There are a handful of schools out there that can challenge for the title of "Defensive Back University". Miami, USC, LSU and Alabama have all produced their fair share of NFL talent in the defensive backfield, and another school that deserves a nod in that conversation is Texas.

In his 26 years coaching the secondary, Duane Akina has churned out 28 NFL defensive backs, and 14 of those guys have come during his time with the Longhorns. 

Here's a great look inside Akina's meeting room with some quality insight behind his coaching philosophy, including these gems that he hammers home to his guys.

- "If someone calls you just a 'cover corner', that's an absolute insult. What you want them to say about the defensive backs at Texas, or them individually, is that 'I play defensive back at Texas', which entails being physical...you can cover, you can play zone, you understand the mental side of the game."

- "So the idea is that once you spill blood for me, we're tied together forever."

Author: Doug Samuels
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