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There aren't many people in all walks of life with more credibility in their chosen field than Art Briles has when it comes to concocting a productive college offense. Going 20-8 over a two year (and counting) period while compiling 16,544 yards of total offense and 1,306 points (590.9 yards and 46.6 points per game) will do that for you.

ESPN cameras snuck inside a Baylor practice last week as the Bears prepared for last Saturday's game with Buffalo. And in case you haven't looked at the box score, here's how Baylor fared on its first 10 possessions: four plays, 76 yards, touchdown; five plays, 83 yards, touchdown; seven plays, 53 yards, touchdown; three plays, 89 yards, touchdown; eight plays, 45 yards, touchdown; eight plays, 62 yards, touchdown; two plays, 45 yards, touchdown; four plays, 33 yards, end of half; and five plays, 75 yards, touchdown. The Bears won, 70-13, so it's safe to say whatever they worked in the video below worked.

Author: Zach Barnett
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