Recruiting: The difference between the north and south

Texas A&M tight ends coach / special teams coordinator Brian Polian has noticed some interesting recruiting perks as a new member of the SEC.

“To be able to separate ourselves from all of the other schools in the state by telling a young man, ‘Hey, we’re not playing Iowa State, Kansas State and Kansas, we’re playing LSU, Auburn and Florida’...that’s pretty powerful” he commented.

Polian has noticed one change in particular between northern high schools and Texas high schools that he could definitely get used to.

“Doing a lot of recruiting up north, you’re used to, ‘Where is the head football coach?’ ‘Well, he’s teaching English. Come back at 3.’"

“I’ve found at these 5A schools in Texas, that’s not the case. It’s, ‘Go on back to the field house. He’s waiting for you, Coach.’ That’s been a nice surprise.”

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