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The Breakdown - Wednesday, August 21

Wednesday August 21, 2013 presented by: 


The Scoop: A Division III school has added two assistants on the offensive side of the ball.

Frank Beamer has written a book, using a great pun as its title, and Hokies writer David Teel says it's worth the read.

Bob Stoops trying to relate a qute from "Dumb and Dumber" on the possiblity of Oklahoma employing a two-quarterback system: “What do they say? Never say never and there's always a chance. Even what's his name in “Dumb and Dumber,” he had a chance. It was one in a million, but he did have a chance.”

What is co-offensive coordinator Jim Bollman doing in this picture?

The SEC has (finally) released its 2014 schedule. Plan accordingly.

Here's a video of Illinois players waiting to beat one of their teammate senseless at the bottom of a waterslide. That's pretty much all that needs to be said.

Mack Brown putting it all on the table, sort of: "We could win nine again and be disappointed. Or we could win all of them." Read our write-up on Mack's view of his future.

Tennessee will use a flex pricing plan, ranging from $20 to $80, for some seats this season.

Shelley Meyer provided a wide-ranging interview on what her life is like these days.

Bret Bielema provided a couple interesting tweets today while speaking in Little Rock.

Keith Patterson on what he likes about fielding a defense full of tall players at West Virginia: "It's almost like hidden yardage in a game. When you have a 6-foot-6 guy impose his presence, he may never touch the quarterback. But he puts his body in a very close proximity to the quarterback and he's still having an impact. Maybe it's his vision, maybe squeezing a throwing lane, but also just knowing, 'Man, that guy's getting close. I've got to get the ball out maybe quicker than what I want to get it out.'"

Jim Tressel is teaching a General Principles of Coaching class at the University of Akron this fall.

If you want to see the entire first episode of Training Days: Penn State, here's your chance.

Today's Coach Worth a Follow on Twitter: In honor of his quotes above, it's time we threw some love to Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema. #NeverYield

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