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It's Not Complicated

If you've watched television at all in the last six months, you've seen AT&T's latest line of commercials, "It's Not Complicated". If you haven't watched television in the last six months, the commercials are essentially a guy in a suit asking a table of elementary school-aged kids a series of obvious questions, in the hopes that somehow you'll use AT&T for your cell phone service.

In that same vein, Vanderbilt had defensive coordinator Bob Shoop sit down with the kids of the Vanderbilt coaching staff to ask a pair of Vanderbilt-football related not complicated questions.

The first video stars Ashley Bankins, William Bankins, JD Bashian and Addy Franklin, as Shoop looks for the true definition of a Commodore.

In the second video, Shoop quizzes the group on head coach James Franklin. Kids include Carter Cain, Shola Franklin, Addy Franklin and Ryder Rahne.

Here is what Vandy is spoofing:

Author: Zach Barnett
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