Which programs have appeared on ESPN the most over the years?

ESPN needs absolutely no help promoting itself, but the network has put out some interesting figures as it heads into its 34th season of college football coverage. Outside of the Texas State Fightin' Armadillos, there's not a college football program in the country that the Worldwide Leader doesn't share a relationship with in one way or another, so there's something in here for everyone.

Courtesy of ESPN public relations maven Mike Humes, we now know:

Since 1984, when ESPN was allowed to show live college football games, the network has shown a total of 1,306 games, while ABC has aired 1,585. Late to the game were ESPN2 (825 since 1993), ESPNU (506 since 2005), ESPN3 (357 since 2005). Add in ESPN Classic's 35 games and you get a sum of 4,614 regular season Division I games.

Of those nearly 5,000 games, the most frequently televised teams are:

1. Auburn - 75 appearances
2. Miami - 73
3. Florida State - 68
    Virginia Tech - 68
5. Penn State - 66
6. Wisconsin - 65
7. Michigan - 64
8. Ohio State - 62
    West Virginia - 62
10. LSU - 59
11. South Carolina - 58
12. Pittsburgh - 57
13. Clemson - 56
14. Georgia Tech - 55
15. Alabama - 54

East Coast bias? What East Coast bias?

In the "odds and ends" file: 

- ESPN has shown 138 separate programs throughout the life of its college football coverage, while ESPN2 has managed to cover one more program in nine less seasons of live coverage.

- Of the eight No. 1 vs. No. 2 regular-season matchups since 1988, ABC has televised six of them. 

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