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Tift County high school (GA) has had the "T" as part of their uniform for nearly 30 years, but with a recent addition of an alternate silver helmet, they decided to use it in a way that we've never seen.

Instead of having a block "T" displayed on the side of the helmet, Tift decides to roll it out from front to back with the "T" stretching from just above the facemask to the back of the neck.

Very unique idea, and one that they pull off quite well.

Tift also added a special silver "stealth" uniform that they'll wear for special home occasions.

Take a look at the new helmet and uniform additions below. The unique use of the "rocking T" (as the community has come to call it) got us wondering, what college teams that use a letter logo could we see doing something similar with their helmets. Michigan's block "M"? Stanford's block "S"? Or maybe Texas Tech and their stacked "T's"? Hey, crazier things have happened in the uniform world.

Props to Tift County for having the courage and creativity to add something so unique.



Author: Doug Samuels
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