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What is going on in this picture?

According to a popular Reddit post that is making its way around social media, special teams coach Dan Ferrigno was dared to strike a silly pose during the team photo recently.

Ferrigno deliverd with what you see below. While this one won't get used for the official team photo, it's good to see the staff having some light hearted fun.

(Seeing Greg Mattison's stone cold expression on the opposite side of the picture makes this so much better.)



Author: Doug Samuels
Doug Samuels has been with FootballScoop since 2011. Samuels joined the FootballScoop staff after serving as a college scout as well as an assistant coach at the college level, where he was fortunate enough to have coached every offensive position by age 24. Samuels is a lifelong Michigan State fan, no huddle enthusiast, and currently coaches high school football in West Michigan.