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With all the new helmets coming out over the past few seasons, it's tough to find something that is original, creative and interesting. Old Dominion's new helmets have all those things covered.

The state of Virginia outline filled in with the Monarch logo looks very sharp and the font used for the number on the other side of the helmet is very unique, and incorporating both of those things with the matte helmet as the backdrop makes the new lid look stand out among other helmet reveals and should really pop on game day.

What are your thoughts?

Last week head coach Bobby Wilder signed a five year extension (taking him through 2017 season), and just as a reminder, ODU will be playing as a member of the FBS this year. They will open up with two road games (at East Carolina and at Maryland) before taking on Howard at home to kick off a stretch of four straight road games.


Author: Doug Samuels
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