How the largest midfield logo in college football came to be

Texas A&M-Commerce wants to be relevant again. After posting back-to-back 1-9 seasons, the school hired a new ahtletics director, Ryan Ivey, and a new head football coach, Colby Carthel. In their search for relevancy, Ivey and and Carthel turned where so many others have gone to grab quick headlines in a way that doesn't require, you know, winning football games: their visual presentation. Instead of tricking up their uniforms, they wanted to do something creative with their field.

Only, their idea wasn't that creative. In fact, one prominent school in Idaho had already trademarked their idea - a blue field. You may recall Chris Petersen's quote to us in our interview from June, "If it were up to me, there'd be all green fields and one blue field in football and we should just leave it at that."

But the Lions were still on the hook for a new field and, as it turned out, installing a 50-yard by 50-yard logo wouldn't significantly increase the new turf's $707,000 price tag from a standard sized midfield logo. “We wanted something that was unique that would help us stand out,” Ivey told the Dallas Morning News. “It’s something we couldn’t pass up."

Needless to say, it worked. Now a 1-9 Division II school from Commerce, Texas, is getting discussed all over the Internet

And now once more, for good measure. 

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