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Notre Dame gets new uniforms for the Shamrock Series

Notre Dame will be sporting a new white on white look for their Shamrock Series game against Arizona State on October 5th at Cowboy Stadium.

The all white look will be complimented with some metallic green and Kelly Green accents, along with Celtic style numbers. The helmet will be a textured gold with a gold chrome shamrock outline on each each side, and a Kelly green chromed out face mask.

On a personal note, while it's tough for some hardcore fans to to stray away from the classic Notre Dame look, I like the new uni and helmet combo. Looks celan and sharp.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 8.46.26 AM

Author: Doug Samuels
Doug Samuels has been with FootballScoop since 2011. Samuels joined the FootballScoop staff after serving as a college scout as well as an assistant coach at the college level, where he was fortunate enough to have coached every offensive position by age 24. Samuels is a lifelong Michigan State fan, no huddle enthusiast, and currently coaches high school football in West Michigan.