Weis: To me, ND and KU are the same

Kansas players reported to camp yesterday and will get the opportunity to go full pads come Monday.

Weis met with reporters briefly yesterday and talked about how they will measure success in his first year, as well as how the expectations differ at Kansas from his time at Notre Dame.

According to Weis, when it comes to measuring success it all starts in the wins and losses column.

"Did you win all the games you were supposed to win? Did you win some of the games you weren’t supposed to win? You don’t put a number on what that is."

"I can tell you, if you look at it, you won two last year. The fans will say, ‘well if you win four, that’s great improvement,’ What coach in their right mind would be thinking, what if we can just win four games? If so, then you hired the wrong coach."

When asked about expectations being different at Kansas, Weis offered up the following.

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