Possible rule enforcement changes coming

The NCAA Division I Board of Directors met last night and endorsed a few recommendations that will change how they punish schools that break the rules.

While an official vote will not take place until the board reconvenes in a few months, Oregon State president Ed Ray assured everyone that, "Our intention is to make this real in October."

Some of the recommended changes include:

- A four tier structure that would address violations ranging from a Level IV violation which would be classified as an isolated incident that does not result in a competitive advantage, to a Level I violation, a serious offense that "seriously undermines or threatens the integrity of the NCAA enduring values." This structure would replace the current two tier structure that only includes major and secondary violations.

-Teams that commit Level I violations could be subject to postseason bans of up to four years, and have to forfeit all of the revenue generated during the years of the violations.

- According to the Detroit Free Press, depending on the severity of the offense, coaches could be subject to a show-cause penalty of up to 10 years.

- An expansion of the Committee on Infractions, that would allow it to handle a higher case load in a timelier manner. The Committee currently carries 10 members and would be upgraded to as many as 24.

According to Ray, who also serves as a chair member on the group that proposed the changes, coaches have approached him and want to see some changes in how the NCAA deals with rule breakers.

"Coaches come to me and say, 'I feel like a chump. I am trying to do things the right way and I have peers who laugh at me because I don't play the game and bend the rules the way they do.' "

"That has got to stop. Most coaches are terrific people who love their student-athletes, try to do it the right way, try to have the right values and succeed. They are very frustrated. This has got to stop. I think most coaches are saying it's about time. We want a level playing field." Ray explained.

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