Muschamp: "I'm the recruiting coordinator"

After the resignation of Aubrey Hill as the Gators wide receivers coach / recruiting coordinator last week, Will Muschamp and offensive coordinator Brent Pease knew exactly where to look a replacement.

Graduate assistant Bush Hamdan was the man chosen to take over the receivers, and is someone that is very familiar with Pease's offense after playing under him at Boise State.

"He's a very mature guy. He's an outstanding football coach. Bush has got a really great background with the offense. I feel very comfortable with that situation. I'm not at all worried. I never blinked." Muschamp explained.

As for also the role of recruiting coordinator, Muschamp notes that he's got that all under control.

"That title don’t mean a whole lot to me. I’m the recruiting coordinator. I handle all of that. I recruit every player we have."




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