Dantonio: The other 351 days as a coach...

As a major college coach, your lucky to coach 14 games a year. During media day at Michigan State yesterday, one reporter asked Mark Dantonio to talk about the importance of the other 351 days from a coaches perspective. Dantonio's response was right on the money.

"I honestly think you coach because of your love for people and you want to impact young people. You want to see people grow. You want to have people graduate. You want to have people get on with their life."

"There’s a lot of time, a lot of days where you’re not actively playing a football game. You’re just getting ready. But you’re getting ready for other things than just football. You’re getting ready for all those challenges that life is going to bring you. And those are the positive things."

"That’s what you have to draw from. Because if you just want to win, there’s only 14 opportunities, and you’re going to be so driven, and you’re going to be very depressed when you don’t win. And I’m not going to be built that way. Nor do I ever want to be defined here in terms of how many games we won."

"I’m not naive. But I also want to be defined in terms of what we’ve done for our players as people. I think that’s the way our entire staff is built, from Ken Manning, to our academics, to Todd Edwards, academically, to Jeff Monroe and Sally Nogle in our training area, to our secretaries. Our program is built like that. And it should remain like that if we do it right."

Speaking of how the program has been built, Dantonio went out to their first practice of fall camp with a little something extra on his shirt. Everyone ranging from the players, to the coaching staff, and even the managers donned a name tag. Yes, even Dantonio.

The message with the name tags is clear and is the same year after year. This is a new team, and a new year and the slate has been wiped clean. 

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