SI explains the "Sabanization of college football"

Andy Staples over at ESPN put out a piece today explaining the "Sabanization of college football".

The article is very well done and explains a few of Saban's methods including what has become known in coaching circles as "the Process".

As Staples explains, "Instead of talking about wins and championships, Saban speaks about the Process. In its most basic form, the Process is Saban's term for concentrating on the steps to success rather than worrying about the end result."

"Instead of thinking about the scoreboard, think about dominating the man on the opposite side of the line of scrimmage. Instead of thinking about a conference title, think about finishing a ninth rep in the weight room. Instead of thinking about graduating, think about writing a great paper for Intro to Psych."

You'll hear the same from many of the coaches that have worked under Saban. It's all about the process.

Staples also gives some insight on how coaches under Saban evaluate talent, and where some of Saban's philosophies come from, including how to develop the entire student athlete; personally, mentally and morally.

This is an oustanding read, and the full piece can be read here.


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