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Examining coaching salaries in the MAC

We've done it before in the Big Ten and Big 12 and now, thanks to the Muncie Star Press, we know know exactly how much each Mid-American Conference coach makes. 

Much like what occurs on the field during a Tuesday night in November, what happens in this league often doesn't make sense. In most leagues, the salary structure often mirrors the standings. Not here. Akron head coach Terry Bowden (along with Bowling Green's Dave Clawson and Miami's Don Treadwell) stands as the MAC's second-highest paid coach at $400,000 per year, trailing only Ohio's Frank Solich. Akron's $886,000 assistant salary pool is also the largest in the conference. 

The Zips finished the 2012 season 1-11 and in last place in conference play at 0-8.

Kent State, the 8-0 winners of the MAC's East Division, have the conference's shallowest collective salary pool at $691,000.  

We'll break MAC salaries down into four tiers with the five highest-paid coaches and the lowest-paid coach.

Head coaches
1. Frank Solich, Ohio - $445,000
2. Terry Bowden, Akron - $400,000
    Dave Clawson, Bowling Green - $400,000
    Don Treadwell, Miami (Ohio) - $400,000
5. Pete Lembo, Ball State - $396,000
Lowest: Charley Molnar, Massachusetts - $300,000

Assistant salary pools
1. Akron - $886,000
2. Northern Illinois - $845,022
3. Miami (Ohio) - $834,900
4. Ball State - $825,000
    Buffalo - $825,000
Lowest: Kent State - $691,000

1. Chuck Amato, Akron defensive coordinator - $196,000
2. Jay Niemann, Northern Illinois defensive coordinator/safeties - $160,000
3. John Klacik, Miami (Ohio) offensive coordinator/tight ends - $137,700
4. Brian Rock, Kent State offensive coordinator/quarterbacks - $137,600
5. Kirk Ciarrocca, Western Michigan offensive coordinator - $135,000
    Ed Pinkham, Western Michigan defensive coordinator - $135,000
Lowest: John Bond, Massachusetts offensive coordinator - $75,000

Assistant coaches
1. Todd Stroud, Akron defensive line - $120,000
2. Morris Watts, Central Michigan quarterbacks - $102,080
3. Ken Delgado, Eastern Michigan defensive line - $100,059
4. Mark Criner, Eastern Michigan linebackers - $100,000
5. Kyle Nystrom, Central Michigan special teams/linebackers - $95,246
Lowest: Ryan Oshnock, Eastern Michigan special teams - $52,195

Author: Zach Barnett
Zach Barnett is a native of Denton, Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas. He joined FootballScoop in 2012 after two years at the National Football Foundation. His hobbies include watching college football, reading about college football and writing about college football.