The logistics behind Notre Dame's trip to Ireland

When we see Notre Dame take on Navy in Ireland next weekend at 9am, the anticipation of the college football season will finally have started to ease with prior games on Thursday and Friday.

However, the logistics surrounding the trip probably won't come to mind. All the time and energy spent packing everything up, double and triple checking it, getting it all through customs, loading it onto the plane, unpacking everything at the stadium, and then packing it all up after the game, within an hour, to catch the plane back to South Bend will be a mere afterthought.

That's not the case for third year head equipment manager Ryan Grooms, whose shoulders the responsibility of making sure everything goes smoothly.

"It's a lot of similarity to a bowl game, with the extra items we're taking (for two practices)". We're taking everything and anything. We're basically taking the (Gugliemino Athletics Complex's) equipment room with us, just to be safe."

"There's no chance of fixing anything."

On Wednesday, Grooms will take about 35 trunks through customs and load it into the plane. Each trunk has an estimated $20,000 in equipment and they total about 15,000 pounds, plus the 222 passengers on board. The weight total doesn't even count the medical and video supplies.

Oh yeah, and once they arrive on site, the team will have share a dressing room of 28 lockers along with a makeshift locker room area.

Just to be safe, two sets of cleats are being packed for each player, a molded cleat and detachable surface cleat, because of the uncertainty surrounding the weather and the different style of grass that makes up the playing surface. 

The worst item you could forget according to Grooms?

"The worst thing you could is forget a player's helmet or jersey. There are two jerseys for every player. There are backup helmets. Knock on wood, I have not forgotten one of those items in my career. It could end a career, if you do."




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