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How you go about developing your program as a head coach depends on the people that you've been surrounded with as players and coaches, so each coach has their own philosophy and beliefs on the process behind building a successful program.

The word "process" gets thrown around a lot when talking about building a program. In this clip Georgia Tech's coaches and players weigh in on the process that they've established and bought into. Not surprisingly, this one is full of quality coaching content.

"The key thing to me when building a program is 'What's the end product going to be?'" Paul Johnson explains early in the clip, and his coaches and players build on that belief thoughout the rest of the video.

You can tell that Johnson has his staff on the same page and their players have bought into their vision.

Johnson ends the video with the following quote, "If I'm developing a successful program, they're going to have the foundation to build upon...and I think when you've accomplished that, you've completed the process of building a program."

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Author: Doug Samuels
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