Photo: Even Oregon's trash cans have swag

Flipping through some pictures of Oregon's new football ops building earlier today via the Register Guard, we couldn't help but be impressed with the architecture and sheer size of the facility under construction, as well as the swag that permeates throughout the entire grounds.

While the granite walls surrounding the practice facility and all the bells and whistles caught our immediate eye, it was the trash cans near the lacrosse and soccer fields that really got our attention and made us chuckle a bit. They read; "Trash, Garbage, Beavers" and have a graphic of the Duck throwing the rival Beaver mascot in the trash. Clever.

We wouldn't be surprised (or opposed) to seeing these make their way inside Autzen and all throughout campus.

Here's proof that at Oregon, swag is literally everywhere. Pictures of the impressive new football ops complex can be seen below as well.






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