Three and Out - Not a good stat for the B1G vs. the SEC

1. The College World Series best-of-three championship series starts tonight with UCLA taking on Mississippi State. According to Jon Solomon of AL.com, if Mississippi State wins, nine of the 14 SEC schools will have won a national title in football, men's basketball, women's basketball or baseball since the beginning of the 2005-06 athletic year. The Big Ten? Zero. Zip. None. In fact, Jim Delany's conference hasn't won a national title in a major (or semi-major) sport since 2002-03.

2. Speaking of the Big Ten, no conference has made more of an effort to become a truly national brand over the past four years than the good old B1G. Of course there are the additions of Nebraska, Maryland and Rutgers. But there's also the conference's new bowl lineup beginning in 2014. The Big Ten will play in New York City (Pinstripe Bowl), keep two of its three games in Florida (Capital One and Outback bowls) and add two more California bowls (Holiday and Fight Hunger) to the Rose Bowl, along with shared tie-ins in Tennessee (Music City Bowl) and Texas (Armed Forces Bowl). Now if they could only win one or two of those games.

3. We posted this as our Video of the Day on the homepage, but I thought it deserved a special recognition here. Rutgers SID Jason Baum unearthed the gem you'll see below, a Rutgers football commercial featuring the two most famous patriarchs in New Jersey - James Gandolfini and a first-year head coach by the name of Greg Schiano. Whether or not you watched the show, you've got to be familiar with the great Tony Soprano by way of cultural osmosis. And in case you've been living under a pop culture rock for the last dozen years, watch if nothing else to see "I can't believe I'm finally a head coach" shine on Schiano's face and the marketing genius from the folks at Rutgers.

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