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Boston College's recruiting pitch: 'Be a dude'

The phrase 'be a dude' may just sound like a silly three word phrase to most people who read it, but Steve Addazio and his staff at Boston College have embraced it and started using it as their mantra.

The saying started with defensive coordinator Don Brown and has since just caught fire amongst the coaching staff. Many tweets coming from the staff, like the one below from running backs coach Al Washington, include the mantra. 

Addazio (who even has a Vine showing showing the quintessential Golden Eagle "dude") explained what the phrase meant to ESPN Boston.

"That's his (Don Brown) saying all the time, be a dude, and what being a dude is, is being a baller. You know? Just being a real baller. Just being a dude. Be great. Be a baller. Be great at what you are. Just don't be average."

For whatever reason, the message has really resonated with the team and the staff has been using it on the recruiting trail, where their incoming class is ranked as high as 19th by major publications.

Another reason for the success on the recruiting trail is Addazio's new approach to how he uses social media when it comes to recruiting.

"When I came in here, the No. 1 priority was recruit, recruit, recruit, recruit, recruit. So I'm gonna challenge myself. As the head coach, I've gotta drive recruiting. And so I had to challenge myself to get outside of my comfort zone, too. I've always recruited well and enjoyed recruiting, but this year I started taking on more with the whole Twitter thing and the Instagram and everything."

"I said, 'You know what, we're all gonna get outside of our comfort zone, we're just gonna press it as hard as we can and we're just going after this thing.' I've gotta drive it. I'm really proud of our guys and our staff because we've really gotten after this thing and we've had a bunch of fun with it."

It looks like the staff is well within their comfort zone and having a ton of fun with the concept. Read the entire article, along with plenty more from Addazio and his dudes, here.

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