Alabama staff visited the Saints see how they coach turnovers

Before the 2011 season, fresh off from a 10-3 season in 2010, Nick Saban and the Alabama staff wanted to see how other successful defensive staff's were coaching up turnovers.

Their research led them to New Orleans Saints practices.

“They either led the NFL or were close to it, so we went and visited them specifically to how do you coach turnovers,” Saban explained after forcing 5 turnovers against Arkansas.

“They not only get the ball out, but every time the ball hit the ground in practice, they had to pick it up and run it down the numbers.”

"We started doing that in practice. Even when it’s an incomplete pass in 7-on-7, guys pick the ball up and run it down the numbers.”

So far this season, Alabama is +11 in the turnover margin (tied for #1 nationally), gaining 12 turnovers while only giving up the ball once. This weekend, they take on Florida Atlantic at home.



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