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Monday November 2, 2009 

Tupelo HS (Mississippi): Head coach Eric Collins resigned today.

Shaker HS (NY): Head coach Dennis Bender will not return.

Whiteford HS (Michigan): Head coach Jack Luettke is stepping down.

Central HS (Grand Rapids, MI): We hear the school is closing.

Addison HS (Illinois): We hear the head coaching job is open.

Forbush HS (North Carolina): Head coach Pat Mitchell has resigned, effective at the end of the season.

Enterprise Attendance Center (Mississippi): Head coach Wayne Rogers will not return.

John Hershey HS (Illinois): Mark Gunther has resigned as head coach. 
Tuesday November 3, 2009

Bryant HS (Alabama): Ronnie Cottrell, head coach & AD, will not return.

Cardinal Newman HS (SC): Head coach Mike Bolchoz is stepping down as head coach.  Defensive coordinator Andy Smyth has been promoted to head coach.  Bolchoz will remain assistant principal.
Wednesday November 4, 2009

Hammond HS (Indiana): Head coach Robert Robinson Jr. resigned today.

Warren County HS (TN): We hear Chris Madewell has resigned as head coach.

Lakeview HS (Michigan): Head coach Mark Gibbs is stepping down.

Wilson Central HS (TN): Head coach Traye Aric has resigned.

Western Boone HS (Indiana): Head coach Jeff Pearson has resigned.

Fair Haven HS (Vermont): Head coach Don Hubert Jr. has stepped down.
Thursday November 5, 2009

Douglas HS (SD): Head coach Dave Broadie is stepping down.

Central HS (Little Rock, AR): We hear head coach Bernie Cox will retire at the end of the season.

Booker T. Washinton HS (OK): Head coach Michael Johnson has asked to be re-assigned to another school after 37 football players have been declared academically ineligible.  Johnson also serves as the school's principal. 

Heritage HS (VA): Head coach Jason Robinson will resign at the end of this season.

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Friday November 7, 2009

Danville HS (OH): We hear Danville is looking to hire a new head coach.

Chillicothe HS (OH): Head coach Bill Davidson is retiring.

Siegel HS (TN): Head coach David Watson has resigned.

West Valley HS (Alaska): David Esparza has been hired as head coach.  Esparza previously served as an assistant coach at Bartlett HS.

Lithonia HS (GA): Head coach Earl White will not return.
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