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Monday March 19, 2012

Orange Lutheran (CA): Former Air Force offensive coordinator at North Texas assistant Chuck Petersaon has accepted the head coaching position.

Edgewater (FL): Assistant coach Dave Wensyel has been promoted to interim head coach.

Denison (TX): Chad Rogers has been announced as the new head coach / athletic director.

Fort Bend Christian (TX): Head coach / athletic director Bruce Lane has resigned.

Woodmont (SC): Blue Ridge HS offensive coordinator Jason Farmer has taken the head coaching job.

Seneca (IL): Flanagan HS (IL) head coach Ted O'Boyle has accepted the head coaching position.

Jasper (TX): Garrett Morgan has resigned as head coach.

Trinity Episcopal (VA): Sam Mickens has been named the new head coach.

Taylorsville (MS): North Forrest HS (MS) head coach / athletic director has accepted the head coach / athletic director position at Taylorsville.

Royal Oak (MI): Offensive coordinator Ryan Irish is expected to be promoted to head coach.

Sunday March 18, 2012

Oak Hill (ME): Stacen Doucette has accepted the head coaching position.

Matignon (MA): Chris Digiacomo has been named head coach.

Friday March 16, 2012

Westlake (MD): Defensive line coach Marlon Curtis has been promoted to head coach.

New Providence (NJ): Former Verona HS (NJ) defensive coordinator Joe Carollo has been named head coach

Ukiah (CA): Bill Norbury has been approved as the schools next head coach.

Union City (PA): Assistant coach Randy Gunther has promoted to head coach.

Mahanoy Area (PA): Wally Hall has decided to resign as head coach.

Thursday March 15, 2012

Pleasant Home (AL): Assistant coach Cody McCain has been promoted to head coach.

Spanish River (FL): Former FAU strength coach Rod Payne has accepted the head coaching position.

Mount Michael (NE): Former Thomas More Prep HS (KS) head coach Jon Borer is the new head coach.

Jurupa Valley (CA): Joe Gerez has accepted the head coaching position.

New Castle (PA): Frank Bongivengo has stepped down as head coach.

Salem (AR): Head coach Sammy Weir has decided to retire.

Howell (NJ): Corey Davis has resigned as head coach after 21 seasons.

Brooke (WV): Tom Brueney has resigned as head coach.

Kennedy (Delano, CA): DuShawn Austin is the new head coach. Austin was the defensive coordinator at Sahuarita HS (AZ) last season.

Durango (NV): Matt Gerber has been named head coach.

Allentown Central Catholic (PA): John Cupples has accepted the head coaching position.

Wantagh (NY): Head coach Tom Casey has stepped down after one season as head coach.

Springfield (IL): R.J Luke has been hired as head coach at Springfield HS.

Wednesday March 14, 2012

Windward (CA): Offensive coordinator Alvin Cowan has been promoted to head coach.

Northwest (KS): Steve Martin has been hired as head coach.

Oaks Christian (CA): Longtime head coach Bill Redell has decided to retire. Redell started the program from scratch 12 years ago and led the team to 7 Section titles. Redell retires with a carrer 78% win percentage.

Sturgeon Bay (WI): Sturgeon Bay is now accepting applicants for their head coaching position. To apply submit a letter of interest, and current resume to Principal Robert Nickel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." mailto:rnickel=" sturbay=" sturbay="sturbay" k12="k12" wi="wi" us="us" rnickel="rnickel" a="a" p="p" b="b" oaks="oaks" christian="christian" ca="ca" :=":" head="head" coach="coach" bill="bill" redell="redell" has="has" decided="decided" to="to" retire="retire" been="been" at="at" the="the" school="school" for="for" 12="12" seasons="seasons" starting="starting" program="program" from="from" scratch="scratch" and="and" won="won" 7="7" southern="southern" section="section" titles="titles" parker="parker" al="al" george="george" bates="bates" named="named" jackson-olin="jackson-olin" kelvin="kelvin" smith="smith" former="former" bessemer="bessemer" city="city" hs="hs" defensive="defensive" line="line" is="is" new="new" forest="forest" lake="lake" mn="mn" billy="billy" kirch="kirch" accepted="accepted" coaching="coaching" position="position" kuna="kuna" id="id" lee="lee" leslie="leslie" tabbed="tabbed" as="as" next="next" richmond="richmond" oh="oh" scott="scott" herman="herman" rockland="rockland" ma="ma" veteran="veteran" hingham="hingham" coordinator="coordinator" brian="brian" helliher="helliher" south="south" lenoir="lenoir" nc="nc" kevin="kevin" wilson="wilson" west="west" brunswick="brunswick" jimmy="jimmy" fletcher="fletcher" will="will" remain="remain" st="st" mary="mary" s="s" hall="hall" san="san" antonio="antonio" tx="tx" american="american" international="international" university="university" quarterbacks="quarterbacks" offensive="offensive" dave="dave" beaudin="beaudin" lukes="lukes" mobile="mobile" we="we" hear="hear" jay="jay" beverly="beverly" bloom-carroll="bloom-carroll" canal="canal" winchester="winchester" phil="phil" mauro="mauro" job="job" huffman="huffman" alex="alex" immokalee="immokalee" fl="fl" looking="looking" week="week" 1="1" game="game" august="august" 31="31" would="would" be="be" willing="willing" play="play" saturday="saturday" november="november" if="if" interested="interested" contact="contact" jerrod="jerrod" ackley="ackley" span="span" style="color: #000080;" ackleje="ackleje" collierschools="collierschools" com="com" located="located" about="about" an="an" hour="hour" east="east" of="of" fort="fort" meyers="meyers">

Columbia (GA): The head coaching position is open.

Chamblee (GA): Assistant coach Marcus Johnson has been promoted to head coach.

Lakeside(GA): Former Henry County HS (GA) head coach Mike Rozier has accepted the head coaching position.

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