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Wednesday November 4, 2009

Hammond HS (Indiana): Head coach Robert Robinson Jr. resigned today.

Warren County HS (TN): We hear Chris Madewell has resigned as head coach.

Lakeview HS (Michigan): Head coach Mark Gibbs is stepping down.

Wilson Central HS (TN): Head coach Traye Aric has resigned.

Western Boone HS (Indiana): Head coach Jeff Pearson has resigned.

Fair Haven HS (Vermont): Head coach Don Hubert Jr. has stepped down.
Thursday November 5, 2009

Douglas HS (SD): Head coach Dave Broadie is stepping down.

Central HS (Little Rock, AR): We hear head coach Bernie Cox will retire at the end of the season.

Booker T. Washinton HS (OK): Head coach Michael Johnson has asked to be re-assigned to another school after 37 football players have been declared academically ineligible.  Johnson also serves as the school's principal. 

Heritage HS (VA): Head coach Jason Robinson will resign at the end of this season.

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Friday November 7, 2009

Danville HS (OH): We hear Danville is looking to hire a new head coach.

Chillicothe HS (OH): Head coach Bill Davidson is retiring.

Siegel HS (TN): Head coach David Watson has resigned.

West Valley HS (Alaska): David Esparza has been hired as head coach.  Esparza previously served as an assistant coach at Bartlett HS.

Lithonia HS (GA): Head coach Earl White will not return.
Sunday November 8, 2009

Fort Scott HS (KS): Head coach Don Epps will resign.
Monday November 9, 2009

Rodriguez HS (CA): We hear Fred Kelley will resign at the end of the season.

Coral Springs Christian (FL): We hear the head coaching job is open.

Southern Baptist Educational Center (TN): The head coaching job is open.

Ezell-Harding Christian (TN): The head coaching job is open.

Cocke County HS (TN): We hear the head coaching job is open.

Spring Valley HS (South Carolina): Head coach Quay Farr has resigned.

Tri-Unity HS (Michigan): Gabe Melinn has been hired as head coach.

Perry HS (GA): Head coach Andy Scott has resigned.

Fossil Ridge HS (Colorado): Clint Fick will not return as head coach.

Melvindale HS (Michigan): Head coach Phil Howard will not return.

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